Terms, Conditions and Client Responsibilities
It is the client’s responsibility to check the Invoice and make sure details for all goods, services and rentals are correct. For example
• All details of items and services rendered
• Time frame for delivery and pick up
• Date and time of event
• If set up is included or not
• In case set up is included, verify set up and pick up time
• Client’s name, address of event, contact information…etc.

Rivera party and Events will not take responsibility or liability for incorrect information provided by client. Any missing item(s) will be invoiced and charged to the credit card on file without further notice. If the client finds the items, we will issue a refund to the same credit card on file or mail a check. Rivera Party and Events are allowed to use third party companies for all goods and services rendered. 123 Party 4 U dba Rivera Events provides high level of industry standard of cleaning, disinfecting and maintenance on all rentals and customer agrees not to hold 123 Party 4 U dba Rivera Events on claims of viruses contracted through our rentals.

Rentals and deliveries
Please note that our delivery rates are based on first floor delivery within 50 feet of where the truck will be parked. We usually send one or maybe two drivers depending on the volume of the rental products, we never send more than 2 workers unless customer specifies that delivery is complicated. Please reply to this email or call the office if your delivery has any of the following:
• Delivery to a second floor or higher.
• Delivery to more than 50 feet away from where the truck will be parked.
• Delivery must be finished before a specific time.
When the driver arrives, the client must know where the products will be dropped off. Waiting time for driver must not exceed 10 minutes

Drop off rules
Drivers are not allowed to go through houses, if for any reason client requires this, customer and only customer will be responsible for any damage caused by drivers. If your order includes set up, customer must be guiding the personnel to make sure they don’t break or damage anything.

Drivers are there to deliver, drop off and place rentals based on the floor plan or to be instructed by client. Because delivery worker’s time is very limited, we may not be able to rearrange rentals due to the time constraint of deliveries and it is at the company’s consent to allow any rearrangement of rentals. Set up of rentals will be based on safety. If anything were to be reported about the delivery, please contact our office or text our emergency number 786-226-4293.

Delivery times
Your delivery has been scheduled for a specific period of time, if you fail to comply with this schedule, the driver will continue with his assigned route. To schedule a second delivery you will need to call the office and a fee will apply.

Pick up time
The pickup time is scheduled with the office only. We are not responsible for any pick up scheduled with the driver, with the exemption of pick up at parks. First pickup attempt will be included on the delivery fee. But any subsequent pickup attempt will incur in a $50.00 charge. When an order must be picked up the same night after the event, the time interval will be for one hour (for example 10pm-11pm). If the driver must wait more than 15 minutes past the scheduled time of pick up, a $25.00 fee will be charged per person and per half hour.

Additions to the order
Additions to the order can only be made 5 days prior to delivery date. All additions are subject to availability. Goods and services rendered can be added onto an invoice but not lessened, removed or decreased once payment has been made. If goods and services rendered are lessened, removed or decreased no refunds will be issued.

Children entertainment – All entertainment activities listed on the invoice are to be performed but are optional and may change at the discretion of the entertainer’s consent due to weather, area space, time, age of kids, number of kids, last minute changes, unforeseen circumstances and other factors. We will happily incorporate and implement any games and activities parent/client may want to add. Entertainment is based on our company’s history of professional children entertainment experience. We ask parents/clients to please share any specific expectations, opinions, views and requests of what you’d like and would not like to see in the entertainment show, we ask to please share these views before the event date if not we will perform our professional activities as described in our invoice. In order to secure your date and time full payment must be made before the event date. We do not provide refunds, all sales, services and transactions are final. We charge for the time we are there entertaining the kids. A credit may be considered due to rescheduling or unforeseen circumstances and is at the discretion of our management team. Our main focus is to make sure the kids have fun. If the client requests certain activities and games to be played and children do not find client’s games or activities entertaining, the entertainer will change activities in order to keep the children engaged. Games and activities vary depending on age of children, space to play, other factors and at the discretion of the entertainer. Entertainers are not responsible for behavior of children or disciplining the children. Entertainers are there only to entertain. Entertainers will engage with the children through out the scheduled time but it is the parent’s or client’s responsibility to keep the children in the entertainment area and well behaved. We are not responsible for children not participating. Entertainers are there to entertain the children that are willing to participate in the activities at their own free will. Our entertainers are not to leave the entertainment area especially to gather children. The entertainment area consists of a 15 ft x 15 ft area where the entertainer’s equipment is located. If client requires the entertainer to leave the entertainment area, client must receive approval from our management team seven days prior to the event date.

All decorations for all events are rental items rented only for the duration of the event and are to be returned in the same condition as when they were set up. Any damages to the decorations or decorations missing will be charged to the card on file. This includes but is not limited to toys, props, stuffed animals, cut outs, linens, banners, stands, frames, picture frames, vases, non edible items on cake table…etc

Set up
Chairs and table’s setup is not included unless it is specified on the invoice. When set up is not requested, the customer will be responsible for any seat cushion bags or chair covers given, and agree to pay the cost for each lost.

Please be advised all payments for all services and rentals including over time are to be paid directly to 123 Party 4 U dba Rivera Party and Events. Any payments made to staff without the companies consent is considered a tip and payments will be charged on your credit card on file.

1. Amount quoted is for one use of the equipment only, for the noted rental term. Any additional cost for rental loss, rental extension, damage and repair will be charged to the credit card on file.

2. All prices quoted are in US Dollar currency (USD).

3. Rentals and kid party rentals

• Rentals and kid parties rentals require full payment and are non-refundable. Date can be changed if required.

4. Weddings & Events• A 50% non-refundable deposit is required when booking;
• The remaining balance is to be paid in full the first of the month, the month before the event date. Example: If your event is December 20th, payment is due November 1st
• Late fee is $35 per day and if payment is not made at a reasonable time we have the right to cancel your order without a refund.
• Wedding / events are not transferable
• The Client has the right to reduce the contract’s headcount of guests by ten percent (10%) sixty days prior to the event if needed.

Extra charges in price per person will occur. No changes may be made after that period unless you are adding.

5. Payments
• Most major credit cards are accepted. We do not accept American Express
• Checks are accepted if we are in receipt of the check 20 days prior to the delivery date payable to Rivera party and Events
• Wire transfer

6. Any damages to the order will be payable immediately after the event

7. Services and products are only secured and scheduled with full payment of balance. Rivera Events is not responsible or obligated to provide any refund or reimbursement if client is dissatisfied, cancels event services or products due to any unforeseen circumstances such as third party cancellation, weather conditions, unusual traffic conditions and acts of God. If event is rescheduled due to any of these reasons we may honor a reschedule date and rescheduling will be at the discretion of Rivera Events.

The Client is responsible for the equipment from the time of delivery until collected by our company staff and shall pay for all equipment damage or lost however caused during that period. The Client shall maintain at its expense liability, property and casualty insurance coverage in amount necessary to fully protect our company and its equipment against all claims, loss or damage of whatever nature or type. Our company shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused to any person, property, animal or things whatsoever arising from the use of the equipment hereby hired and the hirer indemnifies our company in respect to any claims for such loss or damage. .

Our company’s count and/or decision as to condition of the equipment prior to dispatch and on return shall be final.
The Client shall not remove the equipment or any part thereof from the situation and position of its installation without consent from the company. The Hirer grants our company access at all times to inspect or repair the equipment and in the case of default to remove the equipment. The Client shall on no account attempt to repair the equipment but notify our Company immediately in case of breakdown or failure.

The person signing the documents for and on behalf of the Client hereby covenants with the company that he or she has the authority of the Client to make this agreement on the Client’s behalf and is empowered by the Client to bind the Client to this agreements and hereby indemnifies our company against all losses and cost incurred by our company arising out of the person signing this agreement failing to have such power and/or authority.
Our company reserves the right to take photos at event locations utilizing our company’s equipment. Photos are taken with a focus on the equipment and are selected with due care to exclude recognizable private property and persons. Photos may be used in publications or other media material produced, used, or contracted by our company.
By checking off box and paying you attest you have read and agree to all terms and conditions of 123 party 4u DBA Rivera party and events 10030 SW 38 Terr, Miami, Fl 33165, for goods and services that are being provided for. You understand all decisions are final and at the discretion of 123 party 4u DBA Rivera events.

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