Children Holiday Party in Sunny Isles Beach Florida


This is a very beautiful holiday event we did on the beach for Acqualina in Sunny Isles 😍. We were celebrating both Hanukkah and Christmas🎉🎊. All the inflatable’s and string light’s hanging from tree to tree were all provided by Rivera Events. We made sure that it felt like a winter wonderland with all the light’s, holiday music provided by the DJ, inflatable’s, and foam to give the visual of snow❄️☃️. Rivera Event’s does a variety of all different kinds of events. If you’re interested in any of our services don’t hesitate to give us a call at 786-226-4293.

Hey what’s going on everybody, Ivan here from Rivera Events.

I want to show you this very nice holiday event that we did.

We included a variety of different Services here.

We had DJ we had snow machine.

We also had lighting and a bunch of holiday Christmas and Hanukkah Inflatables that made the space look very nice.

So this event was actually on the beach.

It was at Acqualina in Sunny Isles in the Garden area where we were able to just fill it up with a bunch of beautiful Inflatables lighting and decorations.

We also did the string lighting and we hung it from one Tree to another

Here’s our snow machine and right behind it is the

DJ and the DJ booth with lights on as well.

The DJ is also dressed up like an elf and he does a variety of different games and activities that’ll keep the kids entertained and engaged.

Here are some of our holiday Christmas and Hanukkah inflatables.

That inflatable is about six and a half feet tall.

So they’re pretty large.

The palm tree over here on the right side is is lit up by an up light and the one in the background is also lit up with an up light

These are all wireless of up lights along with the Christmas inflatables.

You can see the kids just having fun with the balloons and the snow machine and there’s the beach there in the background.

Also these lights here in the bushes are also provided by us.

We just put a bunch of Christmas lights.

The Christmas lights makes it look very festive. It changes up the space.

The parents just hanging out.

There are more Christmas lights in the bushes.

We provided all that.

These are all services that we provide in our event packages.

So if you have a space like this that you like to decorate you can definitely contact us call us up.

We do a complimentary site visit. We go to the event location.

We just kind of see what you’re working with and we can exchange ideas.

If you don’t have any ideas and you’re open for ideas, we have tons and tons of ideas no matter if it’s a Holiday event

Christmas event, Hanukkah, it could be any time throughout the year.

It could be a birthday party or it could be a baby shower.

Feel free to contact us here at the office and we will be more happy to take care of you.

Call 786-226-4293

Have a great day.

Your Event will be Spectacular! It’s what we do

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