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We did these wonderful balloon decorations for Amazon to celebrate Women’s Equality Day 💃💪. We wanted the employees to feel appreciated when coming into work and throughout their day🥰! All of our decorations are high quality and come in many different color and styles. If you need any decorations or need help planning your next event contact us at 786-226-4293. Hope to hear from you soon!

Hey, what’s going on everybody
Ivan here from Rivera Events I want to show you this really cool gig that we
did for Amazon here in Miami Florida, which is one of our clients. We were
celebrating women’s equality day. So basically Amazon wanted to come up
with with a way to show appreciation to their employees for their hard work
and dedication during these difficult times. So we did a variety of
different balloon decorations. We did columns. We did a big beautiful
balloon Garland hanging from the second floor. Here’s balloon arch. This is
the main here where all the employees walk into work, and we wanted to
create a big wow factor. So this is the entrance before and this is it
after. We’re celebrating women’s equality day. These are the theme colors
which are purple and fuchsia. We did a variety of different balloon designs
here. This is a very standard spiral design for the columns. These columns
are about five and a half feet tall as you can see in the background there.
We did a balloon Garland kind of looks like a draping effect from the
second floor down and those Are basically about I don’t know about seven
six seven feet long. So this is a very basic sketch of the balloons draping
from the second floor. That’s before and there it is after and it just
looks beautiful. There’s no set formatted design. It’s very just kind of
all over the place it all comes together. We use high quality materials for
our balloons. We have glossy balloons. We have shiny balloons metallic
balloons. We have matted balloons. We just have a variety of different
balloons so might actually I think that we got on a huge ladder instead of
hanging that that’s not so we just did it from the second floor down. So
here’s a very simple sketch of an arch. This is afterwards if you see that
look at the detail here, I mean, it’s just kind of like it’s all over the
place beautiful colors. It just pops out and cool thing about this Garland
design that it gives it like a 3d effect. It feels like it’s popping out at
all of our balloons and all of our decorations are just very rich in color
as rich as you see it here on the screen. I mean, it looks even just much
more richer in person and we actually did a few of these columns. So this
is this is a quick little video here. So you just kind of like zoom in real
quick just to get an idea is look at that. So look at those beautiful
colors beautiful design, you know from top to bottom. You know, it just it
really just kind of pops out at you. It’s a great place to like take
pictures and selfies and stuff like that. We actually did a few of these so
we did one here, but we also did some and the cafeteria. This is the
cafeteria right here. These we had to do a little bigger obviously so
people can walk under it. We did a couple of these. So right off to the
left we did a second Arch and they’re pretty much identical. So there’s a
second one right there. You see, it just kind of Pop out. The idea here is
when you’re at work here, no matter where you go, whether you go to lunch
whether you’re arriving at work or you’re leaving work, you see the
appreciation everywhere from your company, saying thank you so much for
your hard work and it just it really does make a difference in the
atmosphere and in the work environment It makes people, feel much more
festive happier, especially during these times that you can’t actually have
Gatherings or do like a get-together where people can actually socialize.
Everybody’s got to be social distancing while you’re walking around you’re
working but you’re seeing all these beautiful things. So we provide a
variety of different services not just decorations. We also do catering we
provide waitstaff bartender’s entertainment DJ lighting rentals, Beautiful
Furniture rentals, tents tables chairs linens We’re kind of like a One-Stop
shop for all event party services. So basically, you contact us and we’ll
set up a meeting. We do a complimentary site visit where we come to your
home, or we go to your workplace or wherever the party is going to be at,
we just kind of exchange ideas and listen to what it is that you have in
mind and we let you know what we can do for you and work around your ideas
or if you have no idea we have tons of ideas. So feel free to call us at
the office will be more than happy to help out and answer your questions.
Call 786-226-4293 Have a great Day!

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